23 January 2018 / Bruxelles, Belgium
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EURADA was proud organise the second edition of the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies

With the main objective of fostering potential partnerships among European Innovation Agencies, EURADA organised the second edition of the Brokerage Event for Innovation Agencies.

The main objective of this one-day event was to capitalise the projects supported by the call of peer learning of innovation agencies (H2020-INNOSUP-05) and the recently launched call supporting experimentation in innovation agencies (INNOSUP-06). Other relevant calls were presented such as Interreg’s fourth open call for proposals.

The Brokerage Event was divided in two sessions:

SESSION I: Representatives from DG-GROW presented initiatives from the European Commission to support innovation agencies. Furthermore, to inspire future applicants, different innovation agencies were invited to showcase success proposals founded under INNOSUP-05.

SESSION II: During the afternoon, participants had the opportunity to present their project proposals. A WATIFY matchmaking event was organised in order to facilitate future partnerships under ongoing calls such as INNOSUP-05, INNOSUP-06 or any other project idea that any participant was willing to present.


Closed since 21 January 2018


Avenue d'Auderghem 22
Bruxelles, Belgium

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